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Strategic Investment

We belong to a new breed of biotech investor that strongly believes in the concept of “smart money”. We combine our capital with our collaborative drug development team to deliver a unique investment formulation.

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We believe that providing the capital and expertise at this crucial moment is key to allowing new inventions and technologies to show their true potential.

KreaMedica invests in fast-growing biotechnology companies that develop innovative drugs or disruptive technologies. We focus on biotech companies whose products address areas of significant unmet medical needs and thus have above-average sales and profit growth potential. Furthermore, we focus on the earlier phases of development, where most of the funding challenges exist.

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Atriva pursues a new approach to develop treatments for viral infections by combining antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity in one tablet. The novel approach provides a broadly efficacious treatment against viral infections such as COVID-19 and influenza.

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Cytonus is developing Cargocytes, functional enucleated synthetic cells that actively transport to the target tissue to deliver disease-specific payloads within hours of intravenous administration.

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After more than 20 years of Apoptosis research, Medraxa brings the lessons learned back to patients, teaching the immune system to tolerate its tissues and fight cancer through the Annexin Checkpoint System.


Acesis Holdings Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary Acesis Biomed US, is an emerging, pre-phase 1 biotechnology company focused on men’s health developing novel, non-steroid treatments for low testosterone (T) levels in males known as T-deficiency or male hypogonadism and related co-morbidities


OrthoTreat revolutionizes the field of bone regeneration by harnessing physiological regulation to enhance the natural bone healing process. A distinctive approach synergises two FDA-approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), with complementary biochemical mechanisms, to forge an innovative, efficient, and safe treatment pathway for bone-related conditions.

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