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Vaccine Development

From traditional vaccines to an era of mRNA vaccines coupled with new delivery systems, knowing the right regulatory approach to demonstrate safety and understand toxicological effects is essential. Our team of expert toxicologists, immunologists, and program managers will help you develop a tailored toxicology program for your vaccine candidate.

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Challenges with Vaccine Development

Because our team has been in the industry for so long, we understand that Vaccine Develpment programs have many challenges. The following roadblocks are frequently encountered during the development:

  • Different vaccine types follow different regulatory pathways.
  • Toxicology programs are often streamlined but require specific immunological endpoints.
  • Selecting the appropriate species for a toxicology program depends on the immunological mechanisms of the vaccine candidate.
  • There is a potential risk for cytokine release syndrome.
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Infectious Diseases or Cancer Vaccines, Strengthen Your Application Path With KreaMedica’s Solutions

  • Our experts understand the regulatory requirements of your vaccine formulation and its application.
  • We assist you in selecting the appropriate model(s) for your toxicology program based on the composition and indication of your vaccine candidate and integrate relevant immunological endpoints to enable key decision-making.
  • Our team of experts will help you design your studies to evaluate the risk of cytokine release syndrome.
  • Our scientific project managers align potential multisite activities, foresee challenges, and align solutions.
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