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Central Nervous System

CNS drugs have relatively seen lower success rates owing to a multitude of factors. Poor predictive value of pre-clinical efficacy models, limited understanding of relevant mechanism of action, inability of large molecules to cross the BBB and undermining the heterogeneity of neurobiological phenotypes pose as key obstacles.

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Unique Challenges Within CNS Development

Because our team has been in the industry for so long, we understand that CNS programs have many challenges. The following roadblocks are frequently encountered during the development:

  • Limited understanding of target engagement and choice of an animal model with high predictive value.
  • Inefficient Drug delivery systems and, therefore low brain availability to reach efficacious levels.
  • Undermined importance of heterogeneity of neurobiological phenotypes.
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KreaMedica’s Solutions For CNS Drug Developoment

KreaMedica’s core expertise in CNS drug development and services in the CNS space spans right from validating pre-clinical efficacy data across relevant animal models, optimizing formulation development to ensure target engagement through to IND enabling toxicology studies and beyond.

  • Our in vitro team together with our CNS experts will perform a thorough gap analysis to ensure that the molecule and the drug delivery systems are exhaustively characterized.
  • Our CNS experts will help you select the right animal models and provide robust study designs that factor in most phenotypes or off target effects.
  • Our regulatory experts will support regulatory submissions.
  • Our program managers will ensure that all cross functional dependencies and timelines are aligned to propel your program on the critical path.
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